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Get That "Amp Feel" When You Plug into Other Gear!
Manufacturer: MOTU

Get That "Amp Feel" When You Plug into Other Gear!
It's bothered guitarists for a long time: whenever we plug into a piece of recording gear other than our trusty amp, we lose that "connection" between us and our sound! The ZBox fixes all that. When you plug into it, you'll feel as though you're jacked straight into a tube amp. Finally, you can play with the response and reaction you're used to. It's perfect in conjunction with the trainers and interfaces — anywhere you need to plug in your guitar that's not an amp, use the ZBox and restore the feel of your guitar!

MOTU ZBox Guitar Impedance Adapter Features at a Glance:
Easy to use
Hardwired 16" cable
Optimizes guitar impedance when plugging into other devices
Restores feel of playing through a real amp
Perfect for use with audio interfaces, mixers, recording devices, wireless transmitters, PA systems, and FX processors
Compact (1" x 1.75" x 2.5")
Virtually indestructible aluminum construction
Specification Detail
Type Guitar Impedance Adapter
Channels 1
Inputs 1 x Hi-Z Instrument, 1 x Lo-Z Instrument
Outputs 1 x Instrument
Height 1"
Depth 2.5"
Width 1.75"
Weight 0.2 lbs.


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