Chandler Limited ABBEY ROAD BUNDLE

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The Chandler Limited Abbey Road Plug-In Bundle contains all three Abbey Road plug-in products

The Chandler Limited Abbey Road Plug-In Bundle contains all three Abbey Road plug-in products: the Brilliance Pack, TG Mastering Pack and TG12413 Limiter – in native or TDM formats. The native bundle provides them in RTAS, AU and VST formats. The TDM Bundle provides them in TDM/RTAS formats.

Brilliance Pack
The Brilliance Pack provides authentic emulations of the EMI RS127 and RS135 EQ units, which were built in the early 1960s to supplement the EQ on the legendary REDD mixing consoles. These 'presence boxes' were used on countless seminal recordings at Abbey Road during the '60s, including almost every album by The Beatles.

The plug-ins retain the operation and response curves from the original hardware and provide control of frequencies which can improve the presence and definition of recordings and help instruments stand out in a mix. The software is compatible with all popular DAW applications and can be used on mono, stereo and multichannel tracks.

Three plug-in modules are included: the RS127 Rack is modelled on the original rackmount Brilliance Control and the RS135 recreates the 8kHz boost unit. The RS127 Box plug-in was created by modelling the standalone Brilliance Control with an EMI transformer used to connect it to modern consoles. The plug-in features an exaggerated response or 'transformer effect' at some settings, which is due to an interaction between the RS127 and the transformer.

Three plug-in modules: RS127 Rack, RS127 Box and RS135
EQ curves from vintage Abbey Road hardware
Exact replication of original design and controls
Automation and control surface support
Available in TDM, RTAS, Audio Unit and VST formats
TG 12413 Limiter
The TG12413 plug-in is an authentic emulation of the compressor / limiter from the legendary EMI TG12345 mixing console, which was used on many classic recordings such as The Beatles’ Abbey Road and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. The TG12345 consoles were custom-built for EMI's studios and were never sold commercially.

The plug-in brings the sound of this rare and sought-after unit to computer-based DAWs and sets a new standard in vintage hardware modelling. It functions as a 2:1 compressor or as a limiter with up to 20dB of limiting and accurately reproduces the behaviour of the original. It can be used on mono, stereo and multi-channel tracks, supporting up to 7.1 surround operation.

Two plug-in modules are included, providing variations on the TG sound: the ‘1969’ module is modelled on the original from the EMI console and the ‘2005’ module is based on Chandler Limited’s hardware reissue of the TG12413, the TG1.

Classic and contemporary modules
Compressor and limiter modes from the original hardware
TG-style controls and gain reduction meter
Mono, stereo and multi-channel operation
Automation and control surface support
Available in TDM, RTAS, VST and Audio Unit versions
TG Mastering Pack
The TG Mastering Pack provides authentic emulations of EQ and filter modules from the original EMI TG12410 transfer console. These consoles were custom-built for EMI's studios and have been the centrepiece of Abbey Road's mastering rooms for more than 30 years.

The TG12410's Tone Control and Filter modules have become secret weapons of Abbey Road's mastering engineers and these were studied and modelled to create the TG Mastering Pack. The plug-ins bring the smooth, musical sound of the original TG hardware to users of computer-based audio workstations.

The TG12412 is a four-band, semi-parametric EQ with selectable frequencies and curve shapes on each band. The Shape control provides the shelving and variable bell curves from the original module. The TG12414 provides a presence section and low- and high-pass filters. The presence section is the same as the presence EQ on the legendary TG12345 mixing console.

Four band semi-parametric EQ
Selectable curve shapes on each band
Presence band and variable low- and high-pass filters
Exact replication of original TG controls
Automation and control surface support
Available in TDM, RTAS, AU and VST versions

System Requirements:
Pro Tools 6.9, 7.x or 8.x or any AU/VST host
Mac OS X or Windows XP/Vista
iLok Smart Key and ilok.com account

iLok Required Yes
Plug-in Type EQ, Dynamics
Plug-In Format TDM, RTAS, VST
Operating System Mac, Windows
Software Delivery Electronic Delivery


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